"Two Rabbit"


After becoming the goddess of the agave, Mayahuel gave birth to the 400 Rabbits, the divine gods of enjoyment. Ometotchitli,(Two-rabbit) was their king.



As a beautiful young girl, Mayahuel lived
up in the stars with her evil grandmother,
who was feared for the possibility that she
might come to earth during a solar eclipse
and destroy mankind. Mayahuel eventually
escaped to earth safely with her lover, the
serpent god of wind.



One day, Ehecatl, the serpent god of the
wind, went to explore the universe and
spotted Mayahuel. He fell in love with her
and curled his body around her. Mayahuel
was enchanted—she loved being lifted up in the air amongst the clouds, and she fell in love with Ehecatl.

"The Piña"


In the end of the story, Mayahuel comes back to life as a maguey (agave) in her final state. The personified agave with the “watchful eye” represents Mayahuel as the goddess of maguey.


Winner of the highest honor, the Double Gold Medal at the 2010 World Spirits Competition. Blanco tequilas are bottled immediately after distillation and Dulce Vida’s is as full bodied and vibrant as a good blanco gets. You’ll notice its pleasant herbal citrus aroma and its crisp, spicy flavor with a hint of white pepper and a sweet agave finish. Both delicate and intense, we think you’ll find that it’s perfect for margaritas.

Finish:Sweet Agave
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Winner of the highest honor, the Best of Category/Gold Medal, at the 2012 Los Angeles International Spirits Competition. Reposado, or “rested” tequila, is aged anywhere from two months to one year. Dulce Vida’s Reposado spends 11 months in American Bourbon  Whiskey barrels to create a light yellow-gold, medium to full bodied tequila. When you taste our reposado, you’ll notice delicate agave, barrel wood and citrus with strong fruit flavor notes and a mild, sweet finish. It is our most versatile tequila-exceptional served neat, partnered with sangrita, or mixed.

Taste:Delicate barrel wood and citrus fruit
Finish:Mild and sweet
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Winner of the highest honor, the Double Gold medal at the 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and winner of the “The Best Añejo of 2010” from Tequila.net. By definition, Añejo  is aged in wooden casks or barrels for more than one year. We age Dulce Vida Añejo for 24 months in American Bourbon Whiskey barrels, where it achieves its rich, bright amber color and unique full-bodied flavor. In our small batch, single barrel Añejo, you’ll taste intense agave and fruit notes with delicate flashes of vanilla and wood, giving way to a sweet, smooth finish. An excellent sipping tequila, it’s also delicious accompanied by a slice of orange sprinkled with cinnamon

Color:Dark honey
Aroma:American Bourbon Whiskey
Taste:Intense fruit notes and a hint of vanilla
Finish:Sweet and Smooth
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Lone Star Edition

Dulce Vida Añejo – “Lone Star Edition” Vintage 2011

Sure to please & excite the most discerning tequila pallet, our Lone Star Edition has been specially aged in Garrison Brother’s Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey barrels.  The Garrison barrels are special cooperage, 10-gallon barrels that aged the First Ever Texas Bourbon.  You will find the aroma rich with tantalizing tastes – this is an extraordinary and limited edition tequila, to be enjoyed for special occasions

Color:Rich Honey
Aroma:Caramel and Butterscotch
Taste:Citrus with pear and banana
Finish:Freshly grilled pineapple
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